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A Beautiful Thing

It’s a beautiful thing, when you decide to change your life. Maybe not by making a massive, drastic change, but by deciding to wake up one day and do something different. 

I’ve set a goal. And in that setting of a goal I’ve learned that I need to make small changes in my day to day to reach that goal. Today I started out with one mindset and now, as the day is coming to an end, I’ve changed that mindset and can’t wait for tomorrow. Tomorrow will bring new approaches and new adventures. Tomorrow the same sun will shine on the same Earth that it has always done for thousands years, but I, I will look at it differently.

How could the thought of that just not be simply wonderful? 

a beautiful thing changes same sun new day

"The way I define happiness is being the creator of your experience, choosing to take pleasure in what you have, right now, regardless of the circumstances, while being the best you that you can be."
- Leo Babauta (via observando)

My Crazy Train

Have you ever had a grand scheme or plan that you believed in so much and wanted to see it through with every fiber of your being?

Well I have those like every other month. Some call it a flaw, I call it passion. 

Just in the past two years I was going to transfer schools, move across the country, join a new club, change my career entirely, etc. None of those things actually ever happened though. And I think that’s the way it was meant to be.

So my craving this month is moving to Los Angeles. But this one feels different. This one I want more than all those others that I wanted. I want this one so much that I wrote out a list of what I need to make that move possible. Most of it is money related…go figure. I just know that this is right though, I just know that God wants me there. 

On my list there are 8 things that I need to have before I can pack it up. And number 8 is maintaining faith and trust in Christ that this is what he wants for me and that he will make 1-7 possible. Because right now, I don’t see it. 

Everything decision I make from here on out, is with LA in mind. In fact, I’ve already snagged a second job and every penny from that job is going into savings. This is the first time one of my schemes has made me make such drastic changes in my life. Like taking on two jobs. Three if I find a need for it. 

But there’s also been this -  outside confirmation. And by that I mean this. In the week that I decided to move to LA (before I had ever visited I might you, I have now, just went last weekend!) I had five people tell me to make the move. One being my dad, one being my best friend (who already lives in LA), one being an old friend who I randomly reconnected with after 6 years, and two being people I just met that day they told me. That’s pretty diverse. And for me to hear “Do it, move” from all these people between five days was just incredible to hear. AND not to mention that the old friend and one of the new friends had actually asked me why I wasn’t in LA before I even mentioned that I wanted to move there. 

All those conversations just put all my fears and doubts to shame. And my second job came to me a little bit too easy. But also that’s wonderful. I can’t deny it. 

Now I just need a new car to fall in my lap.

But really.

So there’s that. My new plan. And like all my other plans in life, God will probably change it. But I’m sticking with this until He shuts me down. With God driving my crazy train I can’t go wrong. 

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